A New Day

Where do I begin?

Welcome to what is now the Next Level Pictures Blog. The URL nextlevelpics.com will now redirect you to the main page for the Next Level Media Group, our “bigger picture”. We’ve got a handful of extremely talented artists that really love the fields they work in and believe in helping people create the best media possible. We figured we could bring it all together for a stronger entity, the Next Level Media Group.

You can still reach the blog directly at nextlevelpictures.wordpress.com or directly from the Next Level Pictures portion of the site (when it’s done).

So a quick run down on how we’re handling the blog.

We’ll be updating everyone about our film projects like The Struggle, as well as any general news that we might have. We will also be sharing shorts and trailers that we put together on the blog, as well as any videos or articles that we have following experiments we try in the name of film, specifically indie DSLR film (as if we didn’t have enough of those already). It’s something different but we figured it’d keep things fresh and it’s always good to spread the knowledge. Hope you guys like it.

And at the end of everything, you’ve go the new look. Everything was getting changed up so we figured “what the hell”. There were a couple of things we wanted to change for a long time but it made sense to sit back and contemplate like mad men. It looks sooooo much nicer though. Don’t ya think? Well, here is hoping that you all like the changes and just wait until you see the new site (it’s going to be kick-ass).

Talk to you guys soon.