Ram Accoumeh and Andrew Hamilton Direct “5am in Toronto”

Last week something big happened. We did a Drake video! It was an amazing opportunity and the effort was directed by Ram Accoumeh and Andrew Hamilton.

Completely raw. A veer in the other direction. Moody.

Sounds like 5am in Toronto.

We’ll have an extended post on the experience in the near future.



“To The Top” Video Is Released!

Sorry about the delay folks but it has finally been released! This is the latest Connected by Blood music video and as always it is sure to knock you on your feet. We will be releasing a higher quality stream through vimeo in the coming week so stay tuned, but until then you can check out the video through Connected by Blood’s YouTube channel.

Check it out!


We uploaded it to vimeo.com early, so we figured we’d change over to their stream. Regardless, I highly suggest you visit the Connected By Blood YouTube¬†Channel for this video and others, and while you’re at it visit their site www.cbbmg.com .

To The Top – Connected By Blood from Next Level Pictures on Vimeo.

Next Level Pictures