Fear The Reaper

Hey guys!

We’ve been busy working away at the film, which looks amazing so far, but today I’m hear to bring something else to your attention. Fear the Reaper.

Marc Boggio has managed to craft an¬†extremely¬†entertaining film full of blood, violence, and women, on a budget that most wouldn’t even bother with. Furthermore, we are still treated to a story that will make you think and will keep you guessing until the very end, and let’s be honest, Hollywood just doesn’t seem to deliver on that anymore.

This is something for everyone to watch, especially fellow filmmakers. This guy followed his dream and made the movie he wanted to. It should be a message to all of us out there.

PS – Sorry, I did not originally add this to the post, but you can buy the film for only $10 (that’s with tax and shipping INCLUDED) online. That’s a steal. Show your support by purchasing a copy!