The 25: Speed, Rain, Darkness, Damage, Glory

Last year in December, the 25 Hours of Thunderhill took place. This race is literally the longest race in the world! Our in-house director/editor/graphic designer, Andrew Hamilton, works with, an amazing site that brings news and info to enthusiasts of pro and club racing, who had teamed up with blog writer Rob Krider to bring you a comprehensive and engaging documentary about the event. Rob and his team did the best they could under the strenuous circumstances of the event in terms of taking video, and with the footage that was provided “The 25: Speed, Rain, Darkness, Damage, Glory” was born. It turned out great, despite the craziness of the footage, which does nothing but add to the experience. The piece will be up later this evening and there will be a link here for you guys to go to. Check it out, and while you’re at it take the time to enjoy some of the other original programs on


For anyone who has come back to look for a link to the 25 hours of Thunderhill documentary, you will have to wait until early tomorrow morning for it. Sorry guys! There was a bit of a problem getting up to the video server today and they’ve pushed it back until tomorrow morning. I’ll have the link for you as soon as it’s up guys, and believe me, it’s well worth the wait!


Yep, it’s finally live. Really sorry about the delay, as it seems there was some trouble on the end of the video stream provider, but now it is up and ready to view. We’re trying to track the hits back to, so for the time being the documentary will be available here. A link is also available in our video section. Enjoy!

The 25: Speed, Rain, Darkness, Damage, Glory

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