Ram Accoumeh and Andrew Hamilton Direct “5am in Toronto”

Last week something big happened. We did a Drake video! It was an amazing opportunity and the effort was directed by Ram Accoumeh and Andrew Hamilton.

Completely raw. A veer in the other direction. Moody.

Sounds like 5am in Toronto.

We’ll have an extended post on the experience in the near future.



“I Want It All” by Connected By Blood – Music Video

Hey guys!

I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us but we’ve been too busy working and organizing to hop on and update. We will get better at this with time and man power.

Regardless, we’re here to post the latest music video we’ve worked on for Connected By Blood entitled “I Want It All”. Take a look. Very small, low resource shoot. Literally just the DSLR, a monopod, and a single ORIGINAL GoPRO! Turned out pretty good however.

We’ve also got the video uploaded to vimeo with a special look. It’s definitely something to check out.


Hope you enjoy.



The Toronto 48 Hour Film Challenge

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but I just got out of the hospital a couple of weeks ago with some bad stomach issues. Now, I’m alive, kicking, and gearing up for the Toronto 48 Hour Film Challenge which Next Level Pictures, along with a group of very talented and dedicated people, will be taking part in. We’ll be given a challenge pack which in the past has consisted of a prop, a theme, a line of dialogue, and a location. We will then take the pack and turn it’s contents into a short film which will must run for at least six minutes and no longer than eight.

How crazy is that?!

It’s always been a blast and this year will be no different. Make sure you follow us on Twitter at @nxtlvlmg for all of our updates throughout the challenge!

48 Hour Film Challenges are huge. I love the fact that people put these on, as it’s great for filmmakers to get up, get out, and shoot something great. It also is a a great chance to work with new people. Most of these things will require a team of at least eight people, so you will sometimes find yourself reaching for teammates, which will bring new and interesting people into the mix. Hey, the lead in our current feature is an actor that we worked with on the first challenge.

So, get online and search for one in your city! I know that the 48 Hour Film Project¬†literally tours THE GLOBE, putting on challenges in major cities. Meet some new people, see what other people in your city are up to, and don’t forget to have fun.

I’d also like to take a second to thank the people over at Toronto Film Challenge, 48 Hour Film Project, and any other organizations that put together these great challenges. Filmmakers around the globe thank you!

Link to Twitter Page

Fear The Reaper

Hey guys!

We’ve been busy working away at the film, which looks amazing so far, but today I’m hear to bring something else to your attention. Fear the Reaper.

Marc Boggio has managed to craft an¬†extremely¬†entertaining film full of blood, violence, and women, on a budget that most wouldn’t even bother with. Furthermore, we are still treated to a story that will make you think and will keep you guessing until the very end, and let’s be honest, Hollywood just doesn’t seem to deliver on that anymore.

This is something for everyone to watch, especially fellow filmmakers. This guy followed his dream and made the movie he wanted to. It should be a message to all of us out there.

PS – Sorry, I did not originally add this to the post, but you can buy the film for only $10 (that’s with tax and shipping INCLUDED) online. That’s a steal. Show your support by purchasing a copy!


A New Day

Where do I begin?

Welcome to what is now the Next Level Pictures Blog. The URL nextlevelpics.com will now redirect you to the main page for the Next Level Media Group, our “bigger picture”. We’ve got a handful of extremely talented artists that really love the fields they work in and believe in helping people create the best media possible. We figured we could bring it all together for a stronger entity, the Next Level Media Group.

You can still reach the blog directly at nextlevelpictures.wordpress.com or directly from the Next Level Pictures portion of the site (when it’s done).

So a quick run down on how we’re handling the blog.

We’ll be updating everyone about our film projects like The Struggle, as well as any general news that we might have. We will also be sharing shorts and trailers that we put together on the blog, as well as any videos or articles that we have following experiments we try in the name of film, specifically indie DSLR film (as if we didn’t have enough of those already). It’s something different but we figured it’d keep things fresh and it’s always good to spread the knowledge. Hope you guys like it.

And at the end of everything, you’ve go the new look. Everything was getting changed up so we figured “what the hell”. There were a couple of things we wanted to change for a long time but it made sense to sit back and contemplate like mad men. It looks sooooo much nicer though. Don’t ya think? Well, here is hoping that you all like the changes and just wait until you see the new site (it’s going to be kick-ass).

Talk to you guys soon.

“The Struggle” Teaser Poster

Hey Guys! In true Hollywood fashion we have teaser material to show you before shooting even begins. Nothing amazing, but it is our teaser poster for the time being. As we kick pre-production into the next gear we are all very excited, and we can’t wait to give you more material to get excited about.

There you have it folks.

Thank you all for the continued support!

The Next Level Group