The Sounds of “The Struggle”! Plus, “Where the Production Designers AT?”!

Hey Guys,

So, the updates keep flowing in! As we clean up the screenplay and look to production, establishing a crew of filmmakers and actors is now a priority. First off, I’d like to formally announce that Stel “Bomber” “Ph.D.” Balamos will be composing the score for “The Struggle”! For us here at the Next Level Group, this is a huge acquisition! His unique musical flavour is something that is hard to come by, and something we truly admire here. He will definitely be huge part of the success of the short. More information will be coming up about Mr. Bomber, but we do have more news to get to this post.

As I was saying, it is time to assemble the crew. Currently, our main objective is to acquire a Production Designer. As we look to begin our work on bringing sets and characters to life, the need for a Production Designer is pounding at our door. We do leave the door open for those that have the background or knowledge necessary for the job and are not necessarily “Production Designers”. What would that be exactly? Well… a heavy background in art, ability to understand architectural illustrations, some light knowledge of art history, some light knowledge of fashion, and of course, A LOVE FOR FILM! Pretty wide field huh? So, if you yourself are a Production Designer, or by chance you match our criteria, make sure that you contact us at If not, please spread the word. You never know who might just save the day.

Thanks for the continued support!

The Next Level Group