Hey Everyone!

It’s been a little while since we’ve updated everyone, as we’ve been hard at work with “The Struggle”, but we’re here with some news today. It has been decided that the Next Level Group will be participating in the “24 Hour Film Challenge” in April, and at the moment we are looking to fill our small eight person roster. We had a great experience last year and to be honest, we’re all really excited about it aswell.  There is more to our participation this year however, as it is a part of the game plan for “The Struggle”. What we are trying to achieve with “The Struggle” is by no means a simple feat, or a cheap one. In the world of independent film making that’s when you turn to the alternative methods of producing. A six-minute piece showcasing some work, along with the chance to win some much-needed prizes was more than enough to convince us that this is a must at this point in pre-production.

If you are interested in film or even looking for a good time, I’d say check out the site for the Toronto Film Challenge and get more info. We are also looking for three (3) more people to fill our roster. At the moment we are still looking for:

(1) Actor

(1) Camera Operator/DP

(1) P.A. (Production Assistant) (In a situation like this … expect to be doing a little bit of everything!)

The one thing that we ask from everyone participating is $25 to cover the entrance fee of $200 for the team (covers the cost for admittance to the Gala and screening for each person apparently). Interested in joining the team? Contact us at info@nextlevelpics.com and we’ll be in touch shortly.

That’s all this time, but tomorrow we have even more updates coming your way.

Thanks for the support!

Next Level Pictures